Online and Other Resources on Guatemalan Adoption

This is a selected list of some resources that may interest you. It is not intended to be comprehensive or to cover all areas; there are far more resources than this available. As with everything in adoption, don't take our word for it -- check out these resources for yourself and see if they meet your needs. We do not endorse or vouch for the accuracy of any of these sites, even when a recommendation is specifically given. Also, remember that almost any resource can contain errors or dated information, and that in online discussions people sometimes speak with confidence even when they are wrong!

If you have additions to this list or see anything here which you feel is in error please email us. We will review your comments and include any additions or corrections in a future update. This page last updated 06 Jan 2007.

Information below on: Online Discussion Groups, Government Web Sites, General Guatemala Information, Travel, Images and Cultural Resources, Products for Sale, General Adoption Information, Adoption Publications, and Books.

We expect to have an additional resource page available shortly on bilingual families and bilingualism.

Online Discussion Groups and Bulletin Boards

Government Web Sites on Adoption, Travel, and Immigration

Guatemala: General and Political Information

Guatemala: Travel

Guatemala: Images and Cultural Resources

Guatemala: Products for Sale

General Adoption Information and Organizations

Adoption Publications